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 Charter Membership Application

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Charter Membership Application Empty
PostSubject: Charter Membership Application   Charter Membership Application EmptySun Aug 30, 2009 7:50 am

If you are invited into the guild you will automatically be a full member therefore do not have to fill this out.

Thank you for visitng BABY If you would like to become a forum member please submit the following application to jensgirls@bresnan.net
We will contact you as soon as possible. If you sign up on the forum with out filling out the application you will automatically be disqualified for membership.
Thanks for your interest and we hope to get to know you better..

1 ) Full Name:

2) Where do you live (geographically - City, State; City, Country):

3) Are you (have you been) married? Do you have children?:

4) Do you have pets

5) How did you discover reborning?

6) Was there a particular artist that inspired you?

7) Do you create reborns or collect them?: Create?: Collect?:

8 ) How long have you been a reborn artist Reborn collector?:

9) What is your favorite face to reborn?: Collect?:

10 ) How many reborn babies do you have to your credit?:

11) Do you create reborns to give, sell or keep?:

12) What is your Nursery name?

13) Where or how did you learn about BABY?:

14) What Guilds do you belong to? Please include U.S., Canadian and European Guilds.

15) What teaching/learning forums or groups do you belong to? 15a) Please submit user IDs for the forums/groups you belong to:

16) Do you buy and/or sell on eBay? If so, what is your eBay ID?: 17) What are some of your other hobbies and interests besides reborning?:

18 ) Please provide a link to your website.
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Charter Membership Application
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